The Helmsplitter EP

The Helmsplitter EP highlights unique voices in the Boston area through spoken word and music. Recorded/Produced by Daniel Fairclough and Rene Dongo, showcasing artist such as Seyonia Washington, Pause, O.T.O, CatchWreck, and many more. Expect big things coming out of these talented individuals and show them major love for representing Boston, we need to all come together and support our artist who need the people to listen because it not all bang bang gang stuff around here its real life being spoken in our music dont settle for what the industry throws at you. I always say the best music is the music that you cant find just anywhere and you have to look for so make sure you download this EP and throw it on your Ipods and Blackberry’s PEACE…


1. Seyonia Washington – Imagine if the Beat Stopped
2. Pause – Where You Should Be
3. The Helmsplitter – Fight An Animal!
4. Zayde Buti – Hot n’ Juicy
5. O.T.O. – Sail On Freestyle
6. Jasmine Mans – Nicki Minaj
7. Zeek – Hold To The Time
8. Anthony Febo – First Time
9. Catch Wreck – 1Tyme4UrMynd
10. Jack Kahn – Crisis
11. The Helmsplitter – Outro
12. Daniel Fairclough – Her Eyes (Bonus)

Scope”s official slogan contest

What: Scope Urban Apparel is holding a contest to see who can come up with the best, most creative and catchy slogan for Scope. What that means we leave up to you. Entrants are encouraged to think about Scope’s Mission to empower, educate and engage when formulating their slogans.

When: We are accepting entries from now until September 15. On September 15th we will select / name the winner and the winning slogan will be revealed.

The Prize: The winner will receive a Scope care package containing a free shirt of the size and design of their choice, among other goodies.

How to Enter: Send your name, e-mail, street address and winning contest entry to scopeurbanapparel (at) gmail (dot) com. Then, wait for the 15th to see if your entry was the one we picked. If you have multiple entries feel free to send them in one e-mail or send several different e-mails. Each entry is another chance for you to win.


Introducing Boston’s unsigned hype Over Time Often (O.T.O) Head honcho to the Prime Suspects brand. With his witty style and serious lyrics O hits the scene ready to blow the hinges off the closed door that is Boston with rhymes that’ll impress even the best of artists he encounters. His latest release “Unknown Art-O-Facts” which featured one of the best lyricists that ever lived in Boston, Kev Greenz hit the streets Summer ’08 in Boston and a run through New York. His next project which is untitled at the moment will be complete real soon so expect greatness coming out of Boston in the near future.